Bohol 2009

We spent our honeymoon to the beautiful island of Bohol. We stayed at a nice and cozy Dumaluan Beach Resort & Hotel at the Panglao Island. And of course! I didn’t hesitate taking pics of the wonderful site.

Please bear with me as I post this blog, I only got some of my pics edited. I promise to post the others sometime soon, after I get to post process them.

Firstly, my wife took a picture of me using her camera.


Then, I saw this rock isolated from the rest. It’s so nice to see the moss on the rock shine as it bounces off the sun’s light that makes the rock reflect on the water. I used a slower shutter speed to make the water more creamier, and the only post processing I did here is just leveling the horizon and bumping the levels a notch. And, of course, my signature.


We didn’t get a chance to swim at the beach, as it is filled with sea urchins. Don’t want to spoil our honeymoon by letting my wife pee on my foot or vise versa. 🙂

As we stroll down the beach, we crossed our path with this beautiful creature, the starfish.


We stayed at Bohol for 4 days and 3 nights. Spending the first 3 days at Dumaluan Beach Resort & Hotel. We’re kinda lucky because it’s August, we’re in the middle of the rainy season, but from our wedding day, up to the very last day of our honeymoon, it didn’t rain!

Here’s a take on our second day sunrise, it’s so nice to see the different colors of the morning sun!


This was taken at the same sunrise, our second day at Bohol, but I rendered it differently to make it more solemn. As if the native fishermen there was worshiping the great sun.


Island hoppers: Look at the very beautiful cloud formation.


My wife, Joy, is enjoying the view. It’s hard to wake up early, after the first night of the honeymoon, eh!


She, really, was enjoy every moment of the wonderful morning. Breathing the morning sea breeze, I really like this shot!


This is a nice shot, but honestly, it does makes me regret as I didn’t notice her reflections on the water. It could have been a better shot if I did. Hay… But, this, still is a nice take.


I really don’t know why I like taking HDRs whenever I see cloud formations over a mountain. In this case, is not an exemption. Bear with me.


This is one trick to do if ever you visit The Chocolate Hills with a cam. Native photographers there will charge you 150 Pesos for this kind of shot, so I suggest you do your own thing, if you don’t have the extra dough!:)


This one was taken on our 3rd and last day at Dumaluan Beach. We’re transferring to a hotel at Tagbilaran City to enjoy the city life there.



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