I am a Computer Engineer and a graduate school graduating student taking up Masters in Management, Major in Business Administration. I am an IT Professional with 4 years experience that include working in a BPO company and currently, at a national level government agency here in the Philippines.

The skills I practice are acquired and developed thru proper education and training. These include Project Management, People Management, Business Administration, Systems Analysis and Administration, Security, and etc..

This blog is intended for the general public. And its objectives are as follows:

  1. Post and share my images, ideas, experiences, my notes at work and at graduate school, and even my personal activities.
  2. Post and announce any services I offer.
  3. Serve as my personal activity organizer.
  4. Serve as an alternative communication medium between me and my friends, family, colleagues and clientele.
  5. Help the general public, especially job seekers, to find a job.
  6. Help any organization search for a job applicant.
  7. Help photographers, hobbyists and newbies, by providing resources.
  8. Help promote Philippine Tourism by personally capturing its beauty and posting and sharing them here.
  9. And, of course, meet new friends!


Emar Mabasa


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